FUE is also known as Follicular unit extraction, has become a popular method for hair transplant.” On interviewing, a leading surgeon from Hair Transplant Institute shares that, the robotic ARTAS precision used in FUE system is so advance that it can remove micro units which are then placed in shallow slits to avoid the hair plug look, making it a popular choice”. Here is why you should consider FUE if you are thinking about permanent hair restoration.

Minimal Scarring:
One of the pros of the FUE treatment is that it gives a scar-free look as the tiny incisions are so small and well diffused within the scalp that they’re almost impossible to detect. FUE has become a popular choice as there is almost no scarring. Whereas in alternate methods a strip of scalp is removed usually from the back of the head, causing a long scar to form. The scar might widen, the patients who wear their hair short can’t do so without making their treatment evident.


Advanced technology and robotic equipment are used in the Follicular Unit Extraction treatment. The robotic equipment provides for great accuracy, follicle graft preservation and higher graft volumes in one session. When individual units are removed it results in tiny holes at the site of extraction, most of these holes are less than 1mm in most cases. These small extraction holes heal quickly and are not noticeable even with short hair.

FUE For the face:

The increased precision in the improved technology, lets the surgeon remove grafts as small as a single hair. These single follicle transplants could be placed wither on a beard, sideburn or even eyebrows. It provides the much-needed independence from makeup, which no longer needs to be used to camouflage the facial hair that is missing. Once the follicles heal, they have grown on their own. These transplants are natural-looking and permanent. The specialists can place the single follicles in such a manner that they look realistic and believable and no one would know that they didn’t grow there on their own.

FUE is for everyone

People who have long hair can see diffused hair loss all over their scalp. They would at times prefer the strip method which allows for a high number of grafts to be dissected from smaller areas. The scar remains hidden in the hair. The “no-shave” FUE and meticulous individual hair graft techniques could also be used. Traction alopecia causes balding and recession of hairline that affects the people who wear their hair tightly. They often suffer permanent hair follicle damage at points of scalp tension. Spot treatment with FUE can restore hair growth in the affected areas.