Dental implants provide the perfect solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. While dentures need to be taken out and cleaned, implants remain firmly fixed in place. However, there are still steps that you need to take to protect your implants.

If you want to ensure that your implants last for a lifetime, you need to follow a few basic oral care tips.

Continue to Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Implants are built to last. However, if you fail to care for your implants and the rest of your mouth, you increase the risk of dental issues, including the failure of your implants.

You should continue to brush your teeth twice per day and floss at least once. You may also benefit from an interdental brush. These brushes make it easier to brush around the implant and between teeth.

Flossing may also require specialised products. Using an oral irrigator may allow you to remove debris without using floss that easily frays.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes or Tobacco Products

Smoking can lead to a variety of oral health issues. Regular smoking can stain your teeth, including your replacement teeth. Smoking also increases your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Besides cigarettes, you may also want to avoid other products that can cause stains. Drinking carbonated sugary beverages and eating sweets can promote tooth decay and stains. Consuming low-quality tea can also result in moderate staining, especially if you drink several cups per day.

Avoid Consuming Sugar and Hard Foods

Too much sugar can still pose a risk of plaque build-up. Dental implants will not decay from the sugar. However, plaque build-up around the gums can lead to gum disease. You need to protect the area around the implant to ensure that the implant remains intact.

You should also avoid hard foods that may damage your natural teeth or replacement teeth. Chewing on hard foods, especially right after the implant surgery, can also lead to damage to your bone structure, limiting the integrity of the area where the implant was added.

Visit Your Dentist for Cleaning and Exams

When you get dental implants in Parramatta, your dentist may recommend that you come back in six months for an exam and thorough teeth cleaning. These exams allow your dentist to ensure that the gum tissue and jawbone have properly healed around the implant.

Night Guards Can Protect Against Grinding

If you typically grind your teeth at night, your dentist may also recommend that you wear a night guard while you sleep. Wearing the night guard can help eliminate the dangers of teeth grinding, such as bone loss near the sight of the implant.

Night guards are designed to fit around your teeth. A quality guard will not cause unnecessary discomfort, ensuring that you can still get the sleep that you need.

After you get an implant, you need to continue using proper oral hygiene habits. Remember to brush and floss regularly and protect your implants by avoiding tobacco, hard foods, and too much sugar. Along with these tips, talk to your dentist about additional steps that you can take to maintain your smile.