If you’re new to the world of hair transplants and are ready to schedule your consultation, you’re probably wondering what you can expect when meeting with your hair loss specialist – this is what you need to know.

Your Hair Transplant Consultation Explained

Here are a few of the reasons why a hair transplant consultation is necessary.

Get to know your doctor

Choosing the right doctor is an important step in the hair transplantation process and your consultation is the perfect time to find out more about your doctor’s qualifications and experience. You should feel completely comfortable with your doctor before you go ahead with your procedure.

Find out more about the procedure

Your consultation is also a Q & A session and gives you the chance to find out more about what you can expect before, during and after your procedure. People tend to get most of their information from the internet but not all of this information is accurate, so it’s better to ask a professional. As an added bonus, any answers that your doctor gives you will be specific to your requirements.

Discuss treatment options

During your consultation, you will be able to discuss the various hair loss treatments at Martinick Hair specialised clinics and decide which option is best for you. Just because someone you know received a particular treatment doesn’t mean that it’s the right choice for you. Your doctor will take you through the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed decision.

Get an idea of results

Every reputable hair loss clinic will be able to provide you with case studies and success stories that show what they are capable of. Your doctor will also be able to give you a better idea of the results that you can expect based on the treatment option you decide on. Forming realistic expectations about your results is a must for all hair transplant patients.

Experience the clinic

Your consultation is also a good chance to experience the hair loss clinic and get a feel for how you can expect to be treated as a patient. It will also give you the opportunity to see where your procedure will be carried out. This may not sound like a big deal but it definitely does make a difference to your entire experience.

Find out about costs

Since every patient is different, there is no way to determine how much your transplant will cost until your scalp is analysed by a hair loss specialist. Your doctor will also use your consultation to explain what your fee will cover. Always insist on total transparency when discussing costs with your doctor so that you don’t end up with any nasty surprises after your procedure. It should also be said that hair transplants are an investment and should be seen as such. Be prepared to invest in your hair if you want to see results and work with a doctor that knows what he is doing.