Basically, S-lift is a kind of mini facelift process that enhances the appearance of moderate to mild face. It overall gives you a refreshed and more youthful appearance. There are many benefits of this procedure that makes it more desirable than traditional facelift and other such similar processes. Plus, there are fewer risks involved and it even offers short recovery times.

Few basics about S-lift you need to know

This technique can easily treat lower third of your face as well as neck. However, it won’t affect brow position or appearance of eyelids. S-lift can be the best option for the healthy men as well as women that are not really interested in undergoing any major kind of surgery, but want to enhance appearance of their skin laxity in lower neck or face. S-lift candidate is someone having significant jowls, laxity of skin below chin, or poor neck angle.

How S-lift is performed?

S-lift is generally performed through small incision that you can easily see through dotted line. The incision generally runs in front of hair line. The goal is to keep hair line static and move skin up to hair line. So, just a small amount of the skin is elevated.

The overall steps involved in this process are very straightforward. The incisions that are made are in front of ear and the hair. The skin is then elevated and SMAS is identified along with elevating it upward. Any of the excess skin if present is then finally removed. Once it is done, incision is closed with the help of dissolvable stitches.

Elevating very small skin flap results into faster recovery time. Most of the people can therefore easily get back to their daily routine in just few days. Hence, “Weekend Facelift” is the term that is often applied to this treatment.

If you too want to opt for this treatment, make sure to consult clinic Dr Elise Bernier and she will ensure to give you just the right clinical care before, during, as well as after the treatment. Before this treatment, your skin and face will be properly examined.

All the details of this procedure will be explained to you and you can easily ask if you have any concerns or questions regarding the same. It is important to consult reliable and experienced professional to end up getting the best results as per your expectations.