Hair loss is one thing that happens in life to most of us. This is really not nice and in fact people become depressed, avoid social contacts and stay within their homes. There are various treatments available to ensure no hair loss. There are hair transplants to be one of the successful hair loss treatments. However, the best is the laser hair growth that really works and is worthy as a hair treatment.

What is laser hair growth?

There is different gadgets now available offering laser light therapy that is believed to promote hair growth. These are referred to as LLLT (low-level light therapy). This treatment is done using lasers, or light energy lesser than the threshold of specific energy. However, a specific wavelength assists in promoting hair growth.

The source of light used ranges between the laser and LED devices. Actually, the laser devices are known as cold lasers. This is because no heat is produced and it is absolutely safe to use as it causes no damage to your hair follicles or the skin.

How does it work?

The laser promotes hair growth with androgenetic alopecia and this is applicable for men and women. The research shows that the laser light gets absorbed by the cells and it promotes enhanced cellular activity. The laser light makes the aging cells active and increases the hair growth effectiveness.

The laser light exact mechanism is not yet clearly known and as there are studies showing promotion of hair growth. The treatment has highlighted only the growth of hair being promoted on those having Androgenetic alopecia. This treatment works the best on people with thinning hair and the pattern baldness takes place due to hereditary condition. The treatment works on some and the fact cannot be denied that it may not work on people with no or very little hair.

When will it show results?

The treatment shows results after a period of time, yet some results have shown that around 26 weeks time of this treatment, there are good results. The results on the scalp may vary, though it works well on the scalp area for hair growth. Certain scalp areas may show good growth, while in some places it may be uneven.

Spending money on the laser light devices is a onetime cost and it ranges from £200 to £900. The devices work differently, but the same result is not obtained for everyone.