Dental implants are a great way of replacing missing teeth. They have become quite popular as they not only fix dental issues, but also restore the lost self-esteem of a person.

Reasons for losing teeth

Teeth may be lost due to several reasons. Few of them include:

  • Many people lose their teeth because of old age.
  • Teeth may also be lost due to dental trauma.

The process of dental implants

Technological advancements have simplified the process of tooth replacements. There are several clinics that offer very good services regarding implants dentaires. Dental implants are widely used for replacing missing teeth. Implants are basically tooth like structures which have an attached cork screw at their base which are fastened to the jawbone. The procedures are easy but very sensitive. It hence becomes important to find reliable dental clinics for the job.

Before the installation of dental implants, the patients are prepared by giving them an insight into the steps involved in the process. The implants are created on the basis of the size of the missing tooth. Once the implants are properly installed, the patients can carry out all the activities like chewing, speaking and several others with ease.

Kinds of implants

There are several kinds of implants available nowadays. Few of them include:

Endosteal implants

The endosteal implants are inserted directly in the bone and are perfect for people who have normal bone tissues.

Blade form implants

They are another type of endosteal implants. They consist of flat rectangular metal plates which are placed in the jawbone with the help of two metal prongs. The prongs support the crowns and bridges.

Subperiosteal implants

These implants are suitable for people who lack acceptable bone tissues. They are designed based on the specific requirements of patients. They are well suited for replacing areas that have many missing teeth.

Transosseous implant

These implants are generally recommended to people who have less low jaw bone tissues or missing bottom teeth. The process of installing these implants is complicated and hence not much in use.

What dental implants offer?

A lot of people nowadays opt for dental implants for replacing their missing teeth. Few factors which make dental implants popular include:

  • The processes of dental implants have a good success rate.
  • Since the implants are fixed to the jawbone, they offer long term solutions.
  • The implants protect the existing teeth from various kinds of dental issues.
  • They function and feel like natural teeth and are hence very comfortable.

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and can hamper daily activities. With the help of dental implants, missing teeth can easily be replaced.