Medical professionals have identified several reasons for hair loss in women, some of them involving chemical changes in the body and others having to do with traumatic events such as illness or surgery. Other causes include low iron levels, insufficient vitamin D, and hormonal changes. Some studies show that almost half of all women suffer some hair loss by the time that they reach middle age. This can be especially disturbing for a woman when she has lived her life with a full, luxurious head of hair.

Individuals have tried a number of different solutions ranging from medications, creams, and even laser devices in attempts to stimulate and restore hair to its original status. These work in some cases but can be expensive. Results vary from one individual to another, no matter how much is invested. One method that’s been effective for many women is the hair enhancer system, which uses a mesh foundation that’s very comfortable.

Problem Solved

This unique method can be used for hair loss of various levels, including total hair loss, for which surgical tape is used to provide the attachment. For partial hair loss, the enhancer system is attached to existing hair. One of the reasons why this technique is so comfortable is that no glue or heat is necessary to secure the hair. In addition, technicians attach the hair in several stages until complete coverage is accomplished. But the process doesn’t end with the physical attachment.

With leading clinics such as Hair Solved, you’ll be working with a technician and other staff members who can advise you on colour choice and the way that you should style your hair to achieve the best results. You can even have highlights added (lowlights too). Clinics also provide trained and experienced hairdressers so the process gives you the results that you want and deserve. Women who use the enhancer system have newfound confidence that allows them to socialise again. It’s also possible for you to work with your regular hairdresser, which is another benefit of the system. You’ll be able to have your hair styled and cut the way that you want.


Because hair loss affects individuals in different ways and at different levels, you may also be able to work with a hair loss specialist who can make improvements without a full enhancer system. Some individuals are best served by using hair extensions to gain the volume that they need. You’ll be able to get the look you’re after without investing the time and money in the complete system. This allows many women to get months of renewed volume.

When you select your clinic for hair loss services, be sure to ask about consultation about slowing the loss process or even halting hair loss. The reliable clinics and experts understand that concealing hair loss and adding volume are often just parts of the solution. It’s important to understand that there is no permanent cure for this condition but there are steps that you can take to slow things down.

Start the journey back to a beautiful head of hair by talking with a knowledgeable member of a clinic staff. You should feel comfortable talking with this individual, who will answer questions and guide you to the right decision.