If you share your home with a furry friend, then you surely know the joys of coming home to an excited friend. However, but just like your cat is here to take care of your mental health, you need to do the same for them, so set an appointment for cat vaccinations at Gordon Vet Hospital because those vaccinations are very important.

Did you know that cats are the best pets to have if you or your kids suffer from depression? Anxiety and depression in kids are not usually discussed but it is a real issue that needs to be dealt with at an early age. Well, your cat might be just the friend your kids need to start feeling better.

Cats will be forever grateful if you take proper care of them

  1. Unconditional friendship

Pets just want their owner’s love, and there is nothing else to it. Of course, they want you to feed them, and take care of them, but if you love your pets that goes without saying. Well, cats do not judge and they do not really ask for anything, there are there to support you.

Usually, at their teen years, kids start to think about different things, and they can get affected by other people’s opinions and that can cause anxiety or depression. Cats are known to help kids who suffer from some mental issues, as they offer uncomplicated friendship, there is no drama.

  1. Routine and responsibility

Besides helping your kids go through life much easier, cats will also teach them a lot. By letting your kids take care of their pets, they will gain a sense of responsibility, routine and they are bound to have better self-esteem. You can also teach them about being a vet, so visit gordonvet.com.au and explain why we need to take proper medical care of our furry friends as well.

Teach your kids to feet their cat at a certain time each day as well as clean their litter box and have a play time. This will help your kids develop social skills as well, and cats are known to help children understand empathy from an early age.

Owning a cat means a lot of responsibility and love

  1. Great distraction

What kids really need in their life, to stray away from depression and anxiety, is some sort of a hobby or distraction, and cats are perfect pets for that. They love to play, chase the string, sleep in your lap and give you head bumps. They are always there to see what is happening, and what is new in the house.

  1. Social comfort

If your child suffers from anxiety or depression, and they have trouble reaching out to others, having a cat will surely help them have more confidence. There were plenty of situations where a family cat helped his small human go through hardships and get over their fear of new interactions.

  1. Physical contact is important

People often do not understand that to children, physical contact with their family and friends is very important, and in reality that is important to all of us. Some kids might suffer from depression and anxiety because they require extra hugs, which is something their furry friend will always be able to provide.

Final word

The bottom line is simple, by allowing your kids to grow up in a pet-friendly environment, they will not only learn how to be responsible and have empathy from an early age, their immune system will also become much stronger.